March 2018


Stillage boxes are a valuable commodity, valued at £125 each and hundreds of them all over the factory they are hard to keep track of . Hunter is a bespoke application that uses GPS whilst out of the factory for keeping track of stillage boxes and swops to magnetic fingerprinting tracking whilst they are used on the […]

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Legaci is a digital CRM for keeping track of all your important documents and assets. currently in Early-stage of  Prototyping. The Software that helps people keep track of all their assets, for probate. Allows the storage of wills, birth and death certificates any bank accounts. Track the distribution of gifts and provides the contact details

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British HCI

At BHCI 2017 I was the conference coordinator, this involved ensuring everyone knew where they were meant to be, designing posters giving directions, handing out the conference materials and  registering delegates for British HCI held at The University of Sunderland in 2017. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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A bespoke animation for artist Helen Pailing to be used in her PhD viva.The backstitch animation was to backstitch various length stitches and be a metaphorical representation of repeating work and work taking various lengths of time to complete but in the end, the whole project pulls together. The image shown in the book are the drawings

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